Ivan Uzunov was born in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
In 2016/2017 he studies at Wildner Akademie , München, Germany.
In 2010 he obtains a certificate in Film Production
from CCSF , San Francisco, USA.
In 1994 he graduates as a Master of Fine Arts
from the University of Veliko Turnovo , Bulgaria.
His art has been presented in the USA, Germany, England, Poland, Turkey and Bulgaria. His artworks are in possession of galleries and private collectors.
Ivan has worked as a graphic designer, concept artist and a teacher in fine arts in Bulgaria, as well as a videographer and filmmaker in the USA.
He has participated in the production of the movies:
 “The Darwin Awards” (2006, director Finn Taylor)
“The Lark Farm” (2007, directors Paolo and Vittorio Taviani)
“The Legend of Hercules” (2014, director Renny Harlin)


IVAN UZUNOV WITH PAOLO AND VITTORIO TAVIANI on the set of “The Lark Farm”, 2007 – Belogradchik, Bulgaria