Ivan Uzunov, Studio, München 2018

IVAN IN HIS STUDIO, München, 2018

If I had to describe my art in a few words, it would be Exploration, Experimentation, and Endlessness.

Through my pictures I explore and represent the metamorphoses of the visible and invisible worlds each of us inhabits. Human passions, fears, illusions, dreams, nightmares and hopes are some of the themes interwoven in my art.

Experimentation is what helps me to find the best visual form for my ideas. In order to convey them in the most engaging and expressively powerful way, I work in a number of different media. Classic painting (oil, acrylic, and tempera) and print techniques (etching, lithography on stone, dry point) are some of my expressive tools. However, during the years I have developed my own mixed-media techniques, involving usage of beeswax, ceramic, earth, rust, relief and textures in different combinations with each other and with some of the traditional techniques.

Endlessness is one of the most distinguished features of my art. In this chaotic contemporary world, full of limits and boundaries, art is something that brings to people harmony and peace, and helps them find their own identity. I consider my art to be a question rather than an answer. I want my pictures to help everyone answer the unanswerable questions. I want my art to help people open their hearts and their eyes and realize that good, beauty and humanity are all around us. I want my art to be the sorcerer’s stone that will turn people’s weaknesses and anxieties in power and freedom.